Millions of parents today are appalled at the inferior education public schools give their children, but don’t know what to do about it. Joel Turtel’s new book, “Public Schools, Public Menace,” tells parents about new, quality, low-cost education alternatives they can take advantage of right now to give their kids a great education. Many parents believe that the only alternative to public schools is either a Catholic or Christian school or expensive non-religious private school. The problem is that even Catholic schools now charge an average tuition of $3500 a year. Non-religious, brick-and-mortar private schools can charge between $4000 to over $14,000 a year tuition. Millions of low and middle-income parents simply cannot afford this tuition, so they think they are stuck with public schools. The good news is that parents can now give their children a quality, private-school education with Internet schools that cater to 1st-12th grade students. Many of these schools charge less than $950 a year tuition. Children get a thorough education in reading, math, history, and many other subjects, the school assigns a personal teacher to each child, the child can learn at his or her own pace, and the school gives tests to the child throughout the school year. Since Internet-school teachers supervise the child’s education, it’s less likely that parents have to take time from work or quit their job to homeschool their kids. As a result, Internet private schools take most of the homeschooling responsibility off parents’ backs. Joel Turtel’s new book, “Public Schools, Public Menace” has a whole Resource section devoted to K-12 Internet private schools and many other low-cost education options. Turtel says, “Parents, you don’t have to settle for a third-rate, mind-numbing, public-school education for their children any more. You have real alternatives now, many excellent, low-cost alternatives that can give their children a first-rate education and a rewarding future.” For more information, see Turtel’s website. The author is available for interviews and will send copies of his book to interested media reporters.

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