The price is up
It’s official. As of June 30th the price of a first class postage stamp rose from 34 cents to 37 cents.

Basic services continue
A measure that was introduced in the Legislature would keep fundamental services going if the state government is shut down when the fiscal year ends. The legislatures plan will authorize spending to cover basic operations such as prisons, children in state care, the Highway Patrol, and the care of the mentally ill.

Shumaker says, “Wait to Raise”
John Shumaker, the new president of the University of Tennessee, said he has recommended to UT trustees that they delay a vote on tuition increases until after the Legislature approves a state budget.

House Has Their Plan
The House Finance Committee approved a revenue plan to fund state government if lawmakers cannot agree on a more inclusive solution. It raises tobacco and alcohol taxes and other state levies. The sales tax would increase from 6% to 7.75%.

Pick up that Trash
City officials are distributing 4,000 plus posters downtown as part of an anti-littering campaign. The effort by the Public Works Division and Center City Commission tells residents that littering can harm tourism and create water pollution.

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