Jody Harrison of Seymour was following directly behind a 1989 Suzuki and saw the entire accident unfold and come to rest on Boyd’s Creek Highway near Indian Warpath road.
Harrison told the Herald, “They went off the road a little ways before the pole and when she tried to correct it and bring it back, it just kept sliding that way [towards a telephone pole] and hit the pole and then it came all the way down and didn’t flip over until it hit the driveway area and then slid all the way across [the on-coming traffic lane] to the other side,”
The driver of the Suzuki was Kathryn Finchum granddaughter of Mr. Finchum who is the owner of Finchum’s Sports Flooring on Boyd’s Creek Highway, just a block from the accident site.
Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper Bob Bundren worked the accident scene along with several Sevier County Sheriff’s Deputies and the Seymour Volunteer Fire Department.

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