I must have struck a nerve with my comments in last week’s issue. I can’t tell you how many people have told me that they agree with everything in the article.
In case you’re getting like me and don’t remember what last week’s article was about, here is a summary.
It basically had to do with sort of a “Honey do list”. You know, the stuff you know needs to get done, but you always find a reason to put if off.
So, here is the list in a nutshell. I call it the “County Do List”;
1, Eliminate the school traffic jams. It can be done.
2. Put a county satellite office in Seymour like they have in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg.
3. Build a community center / community park.
That’s the list. Simple, isn’t it. Those are the ones that the county needs to take care of.
I also mentioned that we could use a hospital here. There are plenty of clinics and people that would support one. The need certainly is here.
How about the Boys and Girls Club? It’s no secret there are at least 3,500 kids in Seymour that could use a good safe environment to hang out at. What do they have available now?
Some of the local organizations, such at the Seymour Rotary, or the Optimist or the Lyons should make it their goal to get the funds and support for a Boys and Girls Club. Plus that would give the civic organizations some focus and they’d be more visible and effective.
Seymour is growing by leaps and bounds daily. Every time we get on Hwy 411 or Chapman Hwy I say to Michele, my wonderful wife, “remember when you could pull out anytime you wanted because there were no cars coming.”
Now you are practically taking your life in your hand just getting on Boyds Creek or Hwy 411. The constant flow of cars on Chapman Hwy is amazing.
And it’s only going to more of the same.
We need planning. Serious, long term planning.
The school traffic is becoming an epidemic. It used to be just a couple of blocks backup every morning and afternoon. Now, the school traffic backup is blocks long in every direction and even affecting major backups over a mile away on Hwy 411 and Chapman Hwy.
And yet, it’s not even being discussed at the county commission meetings.
My advice is to contact each one or our commissioners and let them know that you are between a rock and a hard spot and they are the only ones that can help.
Then call the county mayor and let him know your concerns.
I’m sure you’ve heard the adage. “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.” Believe me, it’s true. And don’t think your voice or comment doesn’t count. They consider each comment to be at least ten votes. Good or bad. Many candidates have lost by two or three votes.
Oh, and I also said that a town square or center would be nice. And a bowling alley, skating rink and theater.
Someday, it will all happen. Mark my words.

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