Wrapped in the backdrop of the Smoky Mountains, surrounded by rolling hills and greenery, is the perfect spot for a gathering place. First Baptist of Seymour has the unique privilege of having such a spot. We are priveldged that they have shared such a place with the community.
With the growing popularity of flea markets, this atmosphere creates the perfect recipe for success. Each year, during harvest time, food is gathered by local farmers and brought to First Baptist to sell to the community. Providing for the needs of the community finds fulfillment of the church’s heart.
Closely connected to service organizations within the Seymour area, First Baptist unites with other facilities to provide food, clothing and other necessities to needy individuals. The endeavor has been so successful that they now have a separate facility.
Facility with vision certainly is fitting for the new “outdoor life” area being developed by First Baptist in the next few months. With groundbreaking ceremony completed February 3rd, targets proposed for the area will be softball fields, soccer fields, walking track and volleyball areas.
“Living Pictures,” depicting the life and walk of Christ will be featured this holiday season. Imagine walking the streets in Jerusalem, viewing the hill, or nestling with the shepherds in the fields at night. In its third year of existence, this program is open to the community for viewing. Upcoming dates and times will be available by contacting First Baptist at 577-1954.
True success in life is found in giving and the knowledge that the gift is put to use. First Baptist has acted on that principle in their gathering, grouping and giving-”bringing people into a growing, personal relationship”, with fellowship.

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