This week at 411 Raceway all started out a little
differently, there was Friday night racing. Yes, I
said Friday night racing, The Scale Car Nationals were in town.
The Scale Cars ran all their qualifying heats
on Friday along with some Trophy races, and the Legends Cars ran a 25-lap shootout, which was won by Fred Hardwick. Saturday night, the Baby Grands were up first, and pulled off the race with very few cautions.
Clifford Pugh took the checkered in the end, with #38 Dale Wilson in second, #96 Jackie Cox in third, Tony Cox, And Ron Belcher rightbehind. The Modified Lites came out on the track and the #8 Plum Crazy, jumped out to a big lead, but a bump to a lap car late in the race sent the #8 to the rear. The winner was Kelly Glass, 2nd was Tom Buckingham, Phil Kraithoff, K.D. Knoedler.
The Pro-Challenge had a Sportsman race first and #4
Tom Stinnett took the win. In the regular Pro-Challenge race Tom had car trouble early and had to go
to the pit. #5 Marty Arender led the race with #22
Wayne White right behind him, then Marty spun out and Wayne was more than happy to take over the lead. #22 Wayne White took the win, #16 Nancy Hardwick took 2nd, #18 Mark Dyer, Bob Harshberger, Terry Mathis. The Legends were back out on the track and #2 Fred Hardwick was right back where he finished on Friday, in the lead. After 25 laps, Fred Hardwick had two wins in two days, #17 Shane Roberts 2nd, #64 Greg Turner 3rd, #32 Travis Trotter, #33 Brian Bounds.
It was time for the Street Stocks, and you couldn’t
miss the return of #11 Tim Glass, last years Charger
Track Champion. Tim took off at the green and had a
very good lead, but #3 Alton Satterfield started to
move closer and closer with every lap and finally
caught and passed Glass on lap 10. #3 Alton
Satterfield took the win, Scott Robinson took 2nd away from #11 Tim Glass, who ended up with a third place finish.
The Modified Mini came out with the winner of the
last 2 races, #9 Jason Henry out to an early lead ,
once again. Steve Owens Jr. tried to get past Jason, but just could not do it. After the race was over #9 Jason Henry’s car didn’t pass in tech and he was disqualified. So #17 Steve Owens Jr. did get his first win of the year, #8 Rick Shepard 2nd, #44 John Byers, #12 Phil Derosia, and Raymond Shular.
The Classic Cars roared out stronger then ever, the
#18 Gary Kelley was out to win 4 in a row, Gary once
again was not backing down to no one. #18 saw nothing
but checkered flag on lap 25 as he crossed the line
and took his 4th win of the year, #33 Brian Ball in
2nd, #6 Rocky Estes 3rd, #17 Robbie Sands, #15 Wayne
The Chargers lost 3 cars at the start and on the
first couple of laps, #32 Travis Sands, #13 Tim West,
and #B3 Brad Seagle. #22 Jake Ginter and #3 Ronnie
Bibbins fought it out and switched back and forth for
the lead, until lap 9. Jake spun out and #9 Billy
Ownby moved into 2nd spot, but at the finish line #3
Ronnie Bibbins took his first win, #29 Rick Ballenger
2nd, #9 Billy Ownby was 3rd, #20 Angie Long, and #22
Jake Ginter.
The 4-cyl Late Models ran a caution free 25 lap race,
with #3 Byron Ward taking his first win of the year,
#24 Todd Pierce 2nd, #01 David Flynn 3rd, # 61 David
Kitts, #98 Steve Ritchey.
The Wedge Late Models, once again this week, showed what competition was , The #107.7 of Scott Dyke took the lead, but on lap 21, left with track trouble. The #23 of Bobby Cowan then moved to the front for most of the race until #24 Larry Sullivan made his way though the pack and to the front row. Larry then put a big gap between him and Bobby, and cruised across the finish line. Bobby Cowan in 2nd, J22 Jeff Nugent 3rd, #83 Larry Gibson 4th, #92 Lance Gatlin 5th. Check out the web site for pictures and information on 411 Raceway and/or Drivers. See Ya at the Track.

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