Well, the opening bell has sounded on the baseball season and it looks like some teams did not answer the bell. First up, the lowly Detroit Tigers. My favorite team has fallen upon hard times and former Knoxvillian Phil Garner was let go after sporting a 149-186 record over two seasons. Not good for job security in this win-at-any-cost world we live in today. But the cuts did not stop there.
The well-traveled Tigers General Manager Randy Smith, formerly credited with building a winning team from the previously lowly San Diego Padres, also received walking papers. New GM Dave Dombrowsky said simply, “We are not winning, and changes have to be made.” I guess lightening doesn’t always strike twice. The Tigers showed enthusiasm for their new manager by… you guessed it, losing three more games. As of this writing the Tigers are winless at 0-8. More of the same to come, please stand by. Has anyone seen Jack Morris or Sparky Anderson?
Then there is the effervescent Ken Griffey, Jr. I’m not even sure they shipped all his body parts from Seattle, this newspaper publisher’s hometown, to Cincinnati a few years ago. Cincinnati definitely received the short end of the deal. Junior has done nothing like the prodigious numbers he put up in Seattle previously. The numbers Cincinnati have seen from Griffey are the adding up of his dollars earned on his contract and the numbers of days on the DL spent by him since arriving in Cincy. And to add to that, one week into the season he is injured and probably going to require surgery to repair a knee that may be career hindering if not career threatening.
Now it appears that Barry Larkin may be showing his age. Has anyone seen Deion Sanders or Davey Concepcion?
Lest we forget the New York Mets. Certainly a team with as much potential as age. The Mets were locks for the World Series before the season with a lineup of Mo Vaughn and Mike Piazza, which added to a solid pitching rotation.
Guess what? As Forrest Gump said “something jumped up and bit me”. Well, the injury bug has visited their camp too, and so far has claimed among others, Vaughn and Piazza. Has anyone seen Mookie Wilson or Keith Hernandez? (and no, reruns of Seinfeld DO NOT count.)
Are baseball players getting injured more often? Has anyone seen James Andrews or Hawkeye Pierce?

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