The Seymour Eagles are fortunate to have a tremendous amount of community support. This is evident by the number of fans who attend sporting events and those who are willing to do their part in fundraising activities. This is well-known and there are some out there who will take advantage of this generosity in the name of making a profit for themselves.
Recently, it has come to our attention that a company known as Custom Sports has been contacting local businesses to sell them ads on a calendar that promotes the Eagles’ football schedule. The ads are very expensive, ranging from $179 to $300, but some businessmen and women are willing to fork out the money to help their local sports teams. However, none of this money goes to the school. It all goes into the bottom line of the company producing the calendars.
Seymour High School Athletic Director, Gary Householder, says that the school doesn’t endorse these calendars or encourage people to buy ads on them. In fact, he points out that these kinds of things actually hurt the Eagles’ athletic program because the businessperson only has so much discretionary money to spend on advertising. When the school goes to that individual to ask for something like an ad in the football program where the proceeds actually do go to the school, they have already spent their money on the calendar and are in no position to spend more.
We contacted Custom Sports in Arlington, Texas and were referred to Jimmy Johnson, Vice President of Universal Adcom, the parent company. When asked about the matter, Mr. Johnson quickly emphasized that the school is not involved and his representatives do not tell potential advertisers that any of the proceeds go to the school.
Bruce Wilson, Seymour’s principal, says that this type of thing is an ongoing problem and is not isolated to football calendars. In the past, there have been people soliciting by telephone marketing something to do with the Eagles such as a game logo ball. He said that the school never solicits by telephone so people should be wary of such calls.
It should be noted that what companies like this are doing is not illegal. However, local businesses who are hoping to help the school should make sure that their money is going where they intended.

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