The elections are nearly upon us and the temperature is rising and so are the tempers. You might have noticed that one constable has been arrest for assault. The talk is heating up almost as hot as the unfortunate fire’s we have had in the area lately.
Regarding the political events, I’ve tried to attend every political function that was brought to our attention. At all but two events, there were more candidates than citizens. I find that very disappointing since we receive letters and comments from the local people about how they would like to change this and that, yet where are they when it comes time to meet the candidates who can make things happen. When voting time comes around on May 7th, 2002, I will be there to vote. It is not just a right – it is your duty as a citizen. If you really want to make a difference, you must go out and vote. See who is running for office and where they stand on issues and then vote for the candidate you feel will do the best job. If you do not vote, then you should not complain when things do not happen the way you want them to. Sometimes, ONE vote can make a difference.
I’d like to thank the great Sevier, Knox and Blount county Deputies, the Tennessee Highway Patrol officers and the Seymour Volunteer Fire Department for their support when I or one of the Seymour Herald staff show up at an accident or fire site to take pictures. I have seen first hand the tremendous aid they provide to not only the victims but to the community as a whole. Thank you.

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