By Michele Karl
After twelve long years of education in the Seymour School District, nearly 139 students of the Graduating Class of 2002 enjoyed the night last Saturday at the Knoxville Radisson Hotel. “Here’s To The Night” was the theme for the Seymour High School young adults.
Chris Colburn of Seymour High and his date, Shandan Notgrass had a great, two thumbs up meal at the Melting Pot Restaurant in downtown Knoxville prior to the Prom. “It was fun, the music was ok – and at the Melting Pot we were all crammed in one room – we had a blast. “I’m looking forward to ours next week at Heritage”, Notgrass stated.
Jordan Wells, also of Seymour High took a friend as his date and “we had a great time” stated Wells. The people from our group and most everyone left by 9:45. It was over at 11but we stayed till the last song – they had to ask us to leave”. Wells, his date and their friends had reservations at Chesapeake’s, a seafood restaurant in Knoxville. Wells plans on going to Maryville College to major in Chemistry or Psychology after her graduates.
Kristi Oakes, a Seymour High teacher and a Prom night chaperon said the event started at 7:00 pm and ended about 11pm. Oakes says, “Mostly all of the kids danced, walked around and visited each other. Ms Carpenter, who was in charge of the prom did an excellent job”.
Oakes added, “To me this was one of the better Seymour proms I’ve been to, they (the kids) actually got out on the floor and danced – most of them had a really good time”.
It was noted that there were lovely children with funky hair. Oaks also reported that one kid showed up in a Kilt – Adam Privett – and according to Oaks, “he looked great”. She also said some of the kids where showing their uniqueness. She said she really admired them for their initiatives.

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