Ralph E. Whaley announces for County Commissioner, 6th District, Sevier County
Ralph Whaley is a native of Sevier County a U.S. Navy veteran and has served three (3) terms previously on the Sevier County Commission.
Ralph is married to Mary Lynn and they have two children, Vickie and Cheri and two grandchildren, Brandon and Patrick.
Whaley states he has always supported Sevier County’s education system, improved roads, law enforcement and better governmental services. During his tenure as a Sevier County Commissioner, Whaley served on the education, intergovernmental, transportation (highway and roads) communications and other committees. As a result of his experience, he believes very strongly in his motto, “I can get things done”.
Whaley believes in supporting some projects such as the turn lanes on Chapman Hwy, traffic congestion relief where needed, affordable sewer for Seymour residents, funding for a new local school, expansion of the convenience center services to give Seymour residents relief from the overflow of garbage they are currently experiencing. He feels that due to site restrictions, compactors seem to be the best solution.

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