If you need to get your car worked on in Seymour, more than likely you go to Baker’s Transmission. If you want to do a little bench racing after the Saturday night show at Galaxy 411 Raceway, you go to Baker’s Transmission. If you want to buy a little fine art… you go to Baker’s Transmission? What’s wrong with this picture? Fine art in an auto repair shop?
Tim Glass has been the manager of Baker’s for over seven years and included in his many duties at the shop is to talk with everyone that comes in to the business. It gives him a perfect venue to discuss the different things that happen here in Seymour and to let people view some of the beautiful things that he paints. His love of art is evident from the start of the conversation. You can see his eyes light up and his enthusiasm changes immediately.
Tim’s love of art started when he was very young, he used to draw pictures in class of cars and different things he saw around him. A history teacher saw some of these drawings and asked young Tim if he wanted some extra credit drawing pictures of the presidents. Tim said yes, but never got the drawings finished, no extra credit, and a bad grade. Tim says he made sure he got the pictures done the next time. Other teachers noticed too, and had him do personal work for them. With each drawing or painting, Tim’s love of art grew and his talent increased. When he left high school, he did so with the aspirations of being an art teacher some day.
Those hopes never came true, because two years into courses at UT, Tim’s father died and he made the life decision to leave school and help hi smother, and his career in other things. He also married his high school sweetheart Janet, and set his life in motion starting a family. He eventually ended up as a mechanic at Baker’s Transmission, but his even personality and talent for diagnosing problems with cars put him in the office managing the business for owner Greg Hunt. His favorite pass-time never diminished with work that is breathtaking. Paintings that show how life is around east Tennessee and how it use to be flows from the brushes, with detail that will make you look twice to make sure you see what you thought you saw. His paintings reflect something that is near to Tim, whether that be a little girl walking with her dad after cutting down a Christmas tree, or just the simple look on a lone mules face. You can read whatever you want into the painting, reminisce about times gone by, or look into the eyes of a future you would have for your children or grand children. However you view country life, you can relate to these paintings. You can also buy Tim’s art either at Baker’s where he hangs a few to display or through his gallery that is run by his wife Janet. Each one of these originals can take up to 40 hours to complete. When they you consider the detail, you can justify the investment starting at $300.00, or you can purchase prints of the originals for as low as $10.00.
Of course the story doesn’t end with Tim’s involvement with art and being a manager of an auto repair shop. Tim’s diversity extends to racecar driver and crew chief. He took the step into driving after several years of being a crew chief for Hunt, and in his first year, won the championship for the Galaxy 411 charger division at Galaxy 411 Raceway. He has also stepped up his program and built a new Street Stock, which he is still waiting to race, but promises to be up front just like last year.
In all, when Tim Glass goes before his maker and is asked if he has any regrets, he’ll show the Lord one of his paintings and God will marvel in the beauty that he created and Tim duplicated on canvas. He’ll marvel at a life that showed that you can break the mold of stereotyping by being diversified and enjoying all that was around him, and he will be proud of what he accomplished in his life and proud of how many people he affected throughout his lifetime, and then he’ll sit down at his easel with his brush and line up all the dead presidents, and maybe give them one more chance to show their good side.

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