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By my estimation, four months have passed and the Herald and it’s newbie staff have not fallen by the wayside as predicted by some when this venture was started. In fact subscriptions and retail sales and the advertisers have been far above what was expected at this early date. Let us first say thank you to all for embracing us so kindly. The words of encouragement have made tackling some of the more difficult issues and complaints facing Seymour more gratifying. There’s still much work to be done (see “Keeping the Fire Under Their Feet” article elsewhere in this edition). I felt it was a good time to take a look back at some of the issues already addressed and let people know we are still pursuing solutions to unsolved problems.
Traffic issues are being discussed and since we began publishing, Chapman Highway has been slated to have turn lanes installed on Ford Hill. It was announced last edition that the school zone too will have some of their traffic gremlins worked out before school commences next year. Attention was also drawn to the problem of people using a bank parking lot as a through street, endangering the customers and staff. I can personally say I have seen an 80% reduction in people doing this since the article was run. Expansion is coming (like it or not) at the Maryville end of Highway 411, as the Pellississippi Extension is slated to be connecting it up to one of our main thoroughfares by 2004, unless otherwise determined by the courts. Also, the other end of our section of home-Boyd’s Creek is being attached to the new bypass area from Sevierville, near Winfield Dunn Parkway (Hwy 66). The Herald staff takes no credit for any of these traffic issues, we simply brought them to light because of concerned citizens.
Banking, housing, real estate sales- all are growing, and we have attempted to make sense and give our local residents informed information to keep them up to date on how this growth affects Seymour.
The lack of a Vocational School, busing, or new schools. Is there any doubt that Seymour has outgrown their ability to handle these issues long before action has taken place? The exponential growth of schools is one the major campaign issues addressed by almost every candidate for office this past week. Now we as citizens must make sure they go out and seek the funds to make our students equal to the others in our county. One big concern sidestepped by most candidates at the forum was the vocational school issue. If the concerned parents remain as active in bringing the disparity to light as they have until now, our children will soon have the commissioner’s ears on a critical problem facing Seymour. I am proud to have had such a great response to that article, but again, I didn’t come up with the idea. I only addressed what was brought to my attention.
This all tells us one thing. This newspaper, The Seymour Herald is quickly becoming the voice of Seymour. But it teaches me a far greater lesson. Every one of these articles first started as an idea brought to us and then kicked around by our staff. SO, IT IS YOU THAT WRITES THE NEWS. With so many ideas floating around, we need your help. If you have suggestions for news or have information you would like investigated further, let us know. Our best ideas have come directly from local people like you. Email us or contact us. If all else fails, stop in and drop the idea or your information by and we will consider it. Besides, we love meeting our readers. Thanks for the opportunity to serve the community I love so much. This Newbie loves Seymour!

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