In just eight long days, we will know the future of Sevier, Blount, Knox Counties. Those and only those voters that choose to take one of their most powerful freedoms to the polls will have decided the candidates running for office in those Counties.
“My vote really doesn’t matter”, is just one of the misinformed quotes I hear from time to time when I inquire of some Seymour residents if they are going vote. It’s very unfortunate. Besides the fact that over three centuries literally thousands have died to provide us with the freedom and power to vote.
And if you just look at the numbers – it’s easy to figure out that in some districts, one only needs about 300 votes to be a shoe in for an office. So if you assume your vote doesn’t count, think again. It only takes one dollar added to only ninety-nine others to make a hundred. Please vote on May 7th.
Some say from the sounds of it, it’s going to be a very tight race. And then there are those that will list in order the winners and losers. Soon we’ll know.
“I’m ready for it to be over”. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that from both candidates and voters. I’m certain it’s been a hard road to hoe. To show up at the functions, to go door to door, to meet and great, day after day. For some, month after month. Plus maintain your work and family life. I’m exhausted just thinking about it.
And to those candidates running for the office of Constable, I truly admire them. They have spent thousands of dollars and man-hours to pursue an office that has in most cases absolutely no remuneration other than self-satisfaction. Yet, they serve a great function.
So, please review the candidates, pick ones you feel will serve the office best and vote.

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