As it is now, only a fraction of the registered voters take the time to actually go to the polls to vote. Kids Vote gives the kids an opportunity to vote for who they feel will do the best job in their communities. All of the local schools offer Kids Vote to the students. It’s a nationwide effort. The children sign in, receive their ballots and get to vote for and have their chooses tabulated. “It’s a great thing for the kids, it gives them a chance to get in the spirit of voting so hopefully when they become adults they will continue to vote” stated County Commissioner Ray Godfrey who is on the committee for Kids Vote.
When election time comes it is important to go out and vote – do not forget to bring your kids along so they too can enjoy the right that so many of our countrymen died to retain.
At the Seymour Intermediate School Moe and Faye Greenwood tested the first version of a computer model voting system for Kidsvoting. The computer model will make it easier to tabulate the votes.

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