I was so very happy to get to read a bit about Seymour, Tenn. all the way down here in Sunny Florida, through your terrific website.
Your paper is wonderful! I was particularly interested about your comments concerning the voter apathy in your recent election. I was genuinely surprised about some of the comments that one vote did not matter.
Just where were those people during the last presidential election? The people of Florida know very well how important one vote can be.
Maybe everyone should consider just how powerful one vote is when less then 30% of the electorate vote. It’s like multiplying the power of the people who do vote by 3. Think about it.
I wish all of you at the Seymour Herald the very best of luck!
God Bless.
Kevin Bell
New Port Richey, Florida

Your website has steadily improved and now has a “look and feel” to match your very competent content. I’ve worked on several websites myself, so I think I can appreciate what you’re going through. Not every “good idea” turns out to be good idea, and it appears you are culling through all the possibilities and keeping what works and discarding what does not.
I would only encourage you to keep developing the site with constant review and modification. Your good work allows me to keep track of a part of the world I am keenly interested in as my parents live in Seymour, I hope to live there myself someday.
Gerry Steele
Atlanta, GA

Letter To Editor
I would like to tell you how much I enjoy your paper. I look forward to it coming out every week. It’s nice to have a paper that gives us insight into what’s going on in the community. Thank you for doing such a great job reporting. I do plan on subscribing the middle of this month.
Sandy Gibson

Letter To Editor
I seem to never get to the store on the right day to get your paper, and the few times that I have been lucky enough to get it, I loved it.
How can I subscribe? Where do I mail the check and how much is it?
Alma Laurent
You can subscribe via our website at www.seymourherald.com or by mailing $26 to: The Seymour Herald 500 Maryville Hwy. Seymour, TN 37865. Thank you.

Letter To Editor
Thank you so much for the terrific article you ran on the Biker Bash! As a non-profit agency it is important to be able to get as much publicity as we can. As a resident of Seymour I love having this new paper that tells me what is going on around me. If we can ever be of help to you please let us know! Thanks again!
Amy L. Kingery
Development Specialist
Dr. Robert F. Thomas Foundation
Fax 865-453-3603

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