01Xpress is a new Web Design and Hosting business that was founded in December 2001. It was developed with the goal of making web design and hosting easier for the customer at more reasonable rates. According to the founders, many design companies are charging astronomical amounts for hosting and design. 01Xpress knew that they could offer better service for a lower price while making the online presence experience easier for the user and client. 01Xpress is owned by Michael Carter and Justin McClure. They have been friends for years and have shared a love of computers. Carter grew up in Seymour and attended Seymour high. McClure grew up in Alcoa and attended William Blount. Carter graduated from University of Tennessee in 1994 in music education.
McClure started creating web designs by working for his cousin. McClure maintains the City of Alcoa website. McClure works in the Information Systems department for the City of Alcoa under Shane Creasy helping to maintain the City’s computer systems.
McClure decided to partner with Carter to create 01Xpress because he was tired of seeing all the prefab sites. McClure said “I think each customer should have their own custom look, instead of a template, where the only difference is their logo.”
Carter is a schoolteacher at Seymour High School where he teaches Computer Programming, Cisco Networking and Band. Carter’s interest in computers began in middle school programming in BASIC. When he was nearly finished with his degree in Music he decided to take a few courses in programming. He felt that if he could teach a variety of courses he would have a better chance at getting a job.
Carter’s programming class won first place in C++ programming the last 3 years at the Roane State Competition. This year they sent an additional team to compete in Visual Basic. This team also took first place in the Visual Basic category. Carter also uses his programming skills to help with music education. He created an ear-training program for the Seymour High School Chorus to use in aural training.
Carter looked for several opportunities to make extra money, but as a teacher it is difficult to get “overtime”. “I considered working at CompUSA, but they were not in need of any state certified teachers with experience for their training department”. Carter considered several business opportunities, but soon realized that working for himself would be the best situation. Carter decided to partner with McClure to create 01Xpress because he knew their distinct talents would make an incredible combination in web development. Carter is in charge of programming, scripting and billing.
McClure is in charge of HTML and Flash design at 01Xpress.
01Xpress is a full service web presence provider. They can help with web design, hosting, programming and networking. To company’s main focus is E-Commerce (creating online stores). One of their first main projects was to create an interactive website for the Seymour Herald to allow the staff to upload stories without having to code in HTML. The scripting keeps the most recent stories on the site and allows viewers to search for old stories. The site is a nexus of information about the Seymour community with business listings, free online classifieds, the ability to purchase subscriptions online and other relevant local, nation, and world wide links and information. You may view it at www.seymourherald.com.
For more information on how 01Xpress can help you, including an online price quoting system, go to http://www.01Xpress.com.

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