The Seymour Primary School last week had a visit from the past. “Days Gone By” was an in-school field trip put together by parent Stacey Robinson. Robinson’s business of the same name “Days Gone By” brings the past to kids today by supplying an array of old-time games that children can enjoy. The business, which has been around for five years, bases everything on “Simplicity.” “You don’t have to have computers or toys from the store to have a good time. The games teach them about things there grandparents may have played with. It is great for the grandparents because they don’t always have things that they can talk about with their grandchildren and this is a great conversation starter” stated Robinson.
The kids have a great time playing with a variety of games including hula hoops, feed-sack races, stilts, tug of war, see-saws, graces (stick and hoops, an early 1800’s game), checkers and saw dust soup. “The saw dust soup is really a favorite,” stated Robinson. “They put together a mixture of dust, corn, rocks, wooden eggs and cans and they mix it up and make “soup” with it. It’s one of the most popular games we offer.”
All of the classes had a chance to participate. By bringing the “Days Gone By” set-up to the schools, the students were able to play on a variety of games and equipment with minimal crowding. Robinson’s business is available for schools, vacation bible schools, church picnics, company picnics, family unions, and birthday parties. Rates vary depending on the event. Sorry the 4th of July is booked. I already checked! For more information you can contact Stacey Robinson at 453-1133

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