It was just another day on Boyds Creek. Kids driving to school and others to work. The simple problem at this particular accident was visibility. The driver reported that the windows of the car on the left were covered with mildew and she couldn’t see the on-coming traffic and thus pulled in the path of the vehicle on the right.

A sole female occupant in this Chevrolet S-10 pickup apparently ran off the road on Chapman Hwy just north of the Wye Drive, down into the ditch and came to rest trapping the driver against the hill. The Seymour Volunteer Fire Department had to use the Jaws of Life to extract the driver from the vehicle. The driver had a fractured arm and leg and possible other internal injuries. The Chevrolet is owned by Merry and Monte Hall of Seymour. Due to deadline, it is unconfirmed if one of the owners was driving the truck.

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