More than a dozen people attended the Wednesday night’s conference in the meeting room of CNB Bank on Chapman Hwy. to get details on installing sewer lines between Macon Lane and Shooks Gap.
The proposed contract between Seymour Sewer, Inc, the organization promoting the installation of the proposed sewer system and Sevierville Water System, the provider of the sewer services, was passed out to all in attendance.
Ron French, Blount County Commissioner, owner of Seymour Hardware and organizer of the meeting, sat at the head table and laid out the details. “We have a window of opportunity for those on Chapman Hwy. from Macon Lane to the gap of the mountain to have sewer brought to their property. If we are able to complete this project, it will mean several positive things, not only for us but for the community” He said “It would increase the possibilities for business expansion, increase the value of the property and provide Seymour with state-of-the art services, which is a major benefit”.
Specifics of the contract were discussed. The estimated price tag of the project is approximately $150,000. French stated, “If only 25 percent of the property owners participate, the cost to each would be about $6,000.00”. French estimates that there are at least 12 parties that have given their commitment willing to go ahead with the project. Several attendees also stated they are ready to go on the project.
French explained the benefit of having a signed contract with the Sevierville Water System simply protects the investment of the participants. According to French, for seven years after completion of the sewer system, the cost of any additional tie-ins, not in the original plan submitted to the Sevierville Water System, is to be paid by the person or company tying-in. “They will have to pay the same price you and I will pay, but their money will be equally distributed among us, the original participates”, said French.
Bill Wright of B & L Enterprises, one of the contractors who submitted an estimate to perform the sewer installation also attended the meeting. He explained using a method known as directional boring, to install the 4” pressure line 3’ to 4’ feet underneath the surface. Wright says that boring is more efficient, less costly and if rocks are found, usually they can easily be circumnavigated by boring, eliminating the need to blast, which keeps the costs down.
Wright estimated the time of completion between three to four months. He figures engineering will take two weeks, Nashville approval four to six weeks, TDOT approval one to two weeks, and construction to be approximately four weeks. Wright also stated “In my experience, the value of the property has increased 50% to 100% after sewer was available”. Wright was with the Sevierville Water System and knows the workings of the department.
If one was to look at the business growth on the south side of the light at Macon Crossing and the north side, it’s pretty simple to see what sewer can help provide, accoding to Wright.
“I am very pleased with the turn out tonight and after nearly five years of discussions with the Sevierville Water System, we need to do this now, otherwise this opportunity at this price will never been seen again”, stated French. Wright joined stating, “I’m surprised with the offer the Sevierville Water System provided, it’s much more than I expected”.
For further information contact Ron French at 865-573-3511.

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