The start of the Seymour Flea Market got off to a slow start this past week but talking with the vendors who attended that was to be expected. One dealer stated, “I expected it to be a little slow getting started. I’ve gone flea markets all over and they all start out that way. I have no doubt this will grow into a great flea market.” Seymour market coordinator Harry Taylor feels the same way, “Anyone with yard sale or garage sale items who want to display their items they call me in advance and do it for two days for $3 which is really a great deal” stated Taylor. He expects the market to pick up steadily each week until summer arrives. He noted that the addition of the concessions will be a welcoming factor to the attendees. Every one who displayed the first day planned on returning for future weeks. The opening week had a variety of vendors with many different types of merchandise including Beanie Babies, socks (great deals at a buck a pair), tools and pictures
To reserve a space call Harry Taylor at 577-6610.

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