At a special Seymour Community Park Board meeting held last Thursday at 8:00 pm, more steam was gathered to make the 14-acre multi use park complete with a community center building and all the amenities found in a multi use park another step closer to reality.
After hearing the details of the community park master plan, Buster Norton, Sevier County Commissioner, suggested that the meeting reconvene at the park so that all would have an actual visual of the proposed modifications and the lay of the land. Sevier County Commissioner Bill Oakes measured the length of a portion of the road that will be reviewed by Jonas Smelcer Sevier County Road Superintendent, the Sevier County Commissioners and Sevier County Executive Larry Waters for repairs and modification.
The Seymour Community Park is on the Sevier County Commissioners meeting agenda for May the 20th at 6:00 pm in the Sevier County Court House.
The 4th of July is set for the official ground breaking celebrations. Big Mama’s Karaoke Café and the Seymour Herald are providing fireworks at the first annual Seymour 4th of July Celebration. Hot dogs, refreshments will be free or at a reduced price to the local public. It is expected that a major portion of the Seymour community will attend since it is a local community event. Plans are to have a complete day of fun for the entire family. The fireworks will be spectacular !

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