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Sometimes smaller is better than bigger

Lily Goeppert of Maryville is a passionate collector. What started out as a business soon turned into a love of miniatures. Goeppert has been in the doll house and miniature business for thirty years specializing in hobby and dollhouse miniatures. Now retired from her business Goeppert continues to work or should I say, “play” with her little works of art.
“I have several different pieces and like to make room boxes out of them.” The boxes are displayed around her living room. “This is one of my favorite boxes” Goeppert states as she points to a wedding scene. There are several miniature dolls enclosed in the case. All are dressed in wedding apparel and set up as if the wedding was actually taking place.
My favorite room box was a bedroom scene. It was beautifully laid out with even a miniature gown lying off the end of the bed. There was a Christmas scene with a tree that lit up to make the view more realistic.
Besides creating room boxes Goeppert produces miniature chairs. “I used to sell them for $50, though others have sold for up to $100. But they just take me to long to make so now I just keep them for my own displays.”
Goeppert said one chair could take up to two days to complete. She notes that making the miniature homes look lived-in is the key to their reality.
Evidentially she is doing a good job of it. One of her doll houses placed 2nd in a dollhouse competition. A Raleigh, North Carolina doll house competition gave her a first place finish.
Goeppert does have a couple of dollhouses she would like to sell. One is smaller but the second stands five feet tall and six feet wide. “It cost $5,000 wholesale when I bought it several years ago. I’d like to get $3,500 for it now. It needs some work but it’s still a great piece. It’s time for me to downsize!”
If you would like to contact Lily about her dollhouse you can call 865-681-5295.

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