Brookhaven Farm has been around for many years. First it was just a farm, like many of the old farms in the area. Built by the Brookhaven family back in the 1950s, it was used for curing country hams and the family would regularly invite neighbors over for a morning ham biscuit. The family then opened a small farmhouse style restaurant on the property. Since the Brookhaven family sold the property it has been, for the last eight years, owned by Child & Family Tennessee, a state agency. Now the property is going up for auction to the highest bidder.
Child & Family Tennessee used the 186-acre farm for a short time as a for-profit enterprise. Then it was used for children in treatment programs. They plan to use the money raised from the sale for future programs.
The Farm, one of East Tennessee’s most beautiful, was once called one of the “100 Secrets of the Smokies.”
“The property features a six-acre lake, walking trails and other amenities that make Brookhaven Farm one of the premier property acquisition opportunities in East Tennessee,” said Sam Furrow of Furrow Action Company.
The farm is located off Burnett Station Road south of Seymour, at 804 Brookhaven Lane.
It will be auctioned off in tracts ranging from 5.00 to 17 acres and as a whole. Located on the property are several buildings, including two lodges, a former banquet hall and restaurant facility, warehousing and two chalets. A swimming pool and bathhouse are also on the grounds.
“It’s really a stunning setting in one of the hottest growth areas of the Knoxville metro area with road frontage, ponds, streams and elevation changes with lots of woods making it very desirable.” Furrow said.
Child & Family Tennessee is selling Brookhaven Farm as part of its strategic plan to refocus on its primary mission. The organization will allocate resources from the sale to family and children’s services.
“The purpose of Child and Family Tennessee is to help children and families,” said Kate O’Day, executive director of Child & Family Tennessee. “We have a wide array of supports and services, many of which are unique to all of East Tennessee. We are very excited about this important step in our plan. The sale enables us to concentrate on the mission of our organization, and it benefits the buyers because they will own spectacular property.”
The auction is planned for July 13th, 2002. For further information you can contact Furrow Auction at 1-800-438-7769.

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