The saga continues….
After following the Dr. Castle case for months, there are new developments to report. Sources told the Seymour Herald to “keep watching and waiting that more was in the brew” and it appears that brew has exploded.
As of last week, four other people have been indicted with charges of illegally distributing narcotics. Dr. Castle, 44, of Seymour has been in jail on charges that he wrote hundreds of prescriptions for drugs to individuals who sold them or used them illegally. Because of the large number of prescriptions that were being written and filled in the area, at least one pharmacy refused to fill them. A worker at Walgreen’s in Sevierville confirmed that they posted a note, before Dr. Castle’s arrest, that they would no longer fill prescriptions written by the doctor.
One of the most popular drugs prescribed was Oxycontin a strong pain-killing drug and Hydrocodone, which are sold under the trade names Lortab, Norco and Adderall, an amphetamine.
It has been reported that according to respondents to the National Drug Intelligence Center (NDIC) National Drug Threat Survey 2000 and the DEA that the illegal diversion, distribution, and abuse of oxycodone products appear to be concentrated most heavily in the East. OxyContin Tablet, commonly referred to as OxyContin, has become the oxycodone product of choice in Maine, Ohio, and West Virginia, and in portions of eastern Kentucky, Maryland, western Pennsylvania, and rural southwestern Virginia. A 100-tablet bottle of OxyContin purchased for $400 at a retail pharmacy can sell for $2,000 to $4,000 illegally.
According to court records, the four indicted were Robert W. Smith, 33, of Kodak, his wife Deborah Smith, 36, of Kodak, Frances Louise Mabry, 52 of Seymour and television personality and “psychic” David V. “Doc” Edwards, 54 of Knoxville. Edwards was often seen on the community cable channel 12.
The counts against Castle are numerous. 516 in total. He is awaiting trail on charges that he downloaded child pornography and his license to write prescriptions for scheduled drugs was revoked.
The counts on the other defendants are as follows: Deborah Smith faces 108 drug counts; Robert Smith, 183 drug counts; David Edwards, 332 drug counts and Frances Mabry, 111 drug counts.
Yet it appears the current indictments are the tip of the iceberg. Though details could not be given, it was confirmed by Jeannie Bolen from the Knoxville Attorney General’s office that, “Our investigation is extensive and ongoing at the state and federal level.”
Castle who filed a notice claiming insanity is currently on the East Coast undergoing evaluation and is expected back in the Knoxville area in two weeks.
The defendant Robert Smith has two prior felony drug convictions.
If convicted of the charges, the defendants could face up to 20 years’ imprisonment and a $1 million fine (except for Robert Smith who could get 30 years). If the conspiracy resulted in bodily injury or death, then the defendants could face a 20 years to life sentence.
Bruce Montgomery, Sevier County Sheriff stated “We’re exceedingly glad we have finally brought the Dr. Castle matter to an end. That stopped a major source of drug distribution in the area.” Montgomery went on to say, “We’ve been working on it (the Castle Case) for four to five years. The first 12 to 16 months was in the preliminary stages and then we got into it seriously when there was sufficient material evidence to go on. After all, 516 counts resulted from a major investigation. When it was time, we contacted TBI and other Federal Agencies. We’re real proud that we can work with TBI and Federal Agencies without turf wars.” As stated, the Attorney General’s office is not finished with this case.

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