Delicious, creamy, rich, sweet tooth satisfying, chocolate and…good for you? That’s what dieticians at the Southeast Dairy Association are telling us, just in time for Dairy month.
Hi, my name is Kelli Franklin. I am a student at Seymour Middle School. I moved to Tennessee last summer. During my first year at Seymour Middle School I met and made many new friends. I am excited to have been selected by Sevier County 4-H to serve as Dairy Promotion Chairperson.
During the month of June, I will be promoting dairy products throughout Sevier County. I will visit Precious Lamb Day Care Center in Seymour. I plan to read dairy stories about and do art activities with preschool children. I plan to deliver ice-cream to our local firefighters and police officers, to show my appreciation to them and to celebrate dairy month. During 4-H camp, I will have the opportunity to tell other 4-H members about the importance of eating the recommended servings of dairy through games such as Dairy Jeopardy, chocolate milk drink contest, and a coq milking contest. I will lead dairy activities at the Sevier County Food Ministry.
The theme for this year’s dairy promotion month is “Got Chocolate Milk.” This is a great theme for me because I love chocolate milk and chocolate ice-cream. Most parents don’t know that serving chocolate milk to their kids is healthy for them, but it’s true, a glass of chocolate milk has the same nutrients as regular milk. The Southeast Dairy Association has uncovered these myths about chocolate milk:

Myth: Chocolate milk is not as healthy as white milk.
Fact: When fortified with with vitamin D, low fat or fat-free chocolate milk pacts in the same amount of calcium and eight essential nutrients as white milk, making it a great tasting way to grow strong bone, healthy bones.
Myth: Chocolate milk has loads of sugar and causes cavities.
Fact: Wrong again. The calcium, phosphorus and cocoa in chocolate milk pack in the same amount of calcium and eight essential nutrients as white milk, according to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.
Myth: Chocolate milk has too much caffeine for kids.
Fact: No. The amount of caffeine in chocolate milk is similar to the amount found in decaffeinated drinks. Soft drinks contain up to 10 times more caffeine than chocolate milk.
Myth: Chocolate milk is just for kids.
Fact: Absolutely not! Most adult Americans don’t realize their bones continue to grow until about age 35. While its important to drink calcium-rich milk when you’re young to build strong ones, it’s also important to continue drinking milk as an adult, even past the bone building stage, to maintain bone mass and prevent osteoporosis, a bone0thinning disease that affects more than 44 million Americans.

So, raise your glass of cold, frothy chocolate milk and salute June Dairy Month. Here’s to your health. For more information about June Dairy Month contact the Sevier County Agriculture Extension Service at 865-453-3695.

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