The growth is evident in all parts of Seymour. The portions of Sevier, Blount and Knox counties of Seymour are all experiencing major growth. It’s hard to understand if the growth is due in part to the excellent interest rates or the fact that Seymour has finally been discovered.
Whatever the reason, there is no question the economy in Seymour seems to be healthy and durable. It appears to be in line with the nations’ declining unemployment rate. The nation’s unemployment rate edged down to 5.8 percent in May. This is the first drop in three months as company’s added 41,000 new jobs nationwide.
In the Knox County portion of Seymour, Karley Keck is building a 140-unit condominium development. The project is located just across the Knox County Boarder on Chapman Hwy on the west side, up the hill.
In the Blount County Seymour area there are several residential subdivisions going up and countless individual sizable homes.
In the Sevier County portion of Seymour, one large project in the works is the addition of the second 10,000 square foot building is the Seymour Business Park. The eight-acre business park is located on Hwy. 411, just one mile west of Chapman Hwy. The Seymour Business Park offers a variety of space. Retail, office, manufacturing, distribution and warehouse spaces are available. Space is built to suit. Expected occupancy date for building two is the end of August, 2002. One of the most desirable features of the business park is the ease of access from the Hwy. Each unit, if they choose, can have a large 10-foot by 10-foot garage door in the rear of the building for easy access.
Both sides of Chapman Hwy. near Peacock Crossings is under construction. On the west side is Brookside Apartments adding at least 10 townhouses to the existing 10 units already there which were built earlier this year. In front of the Brookside Apartments and next to the Newell Building on Chapman Hwy. is another project under construction.
Heartland Development has announced a variety of building and developments under way. A new office facility will be located at Peacock Crossing off Chapman Hwy. The development will include, according to Barry Shular, office and professional space. “Initially it was planned be an RV and other storage facility, but we may have already rented 10,000 square feet so the rest will be office and professional spaces” stated Shular. Located in the front of Peacock Crossing on Chapman Hwy. is the construction of a new physicians complex, which is being leased to Children’s Hospital. “Children’s Hospital is leasing the space from us and will have different physicians leasing including local physician Dr. Hodge. It will be considered a Pediatric satellite for Children’s Hospital. We plan to have it completed soon. It will be a state-of-the-art 8,000 square foot facility” stated Shular.
As if that was not enough, Heartland Development also has plans for a new development off Chapman Hwy. behind and along side the Karaoke Café named “The Plaza.” This will be a mixed development with retail and professional spaces as well as restaurants. Rumors have been floating around the restaurant chains Hooters and Ruby Tuesdays are looking at the site as possible feature locations.
“There are a lot of good things happening here,” states Shular. “There is an assisted living facility moving into the area and many new businesses. Infrastructure never outgrows growth. We have come out of a slow cycle after 9-11 and I see the area continuing to grow. Seymour is a great area and we have low taxes and wonderful schools. That is going to keep attracting people to our area. One thing I can say, If Seymour needs it, Seymour will support it.”

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