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Sevier County Sheriffs Department believes in keeping the “trash” off the streets-literally. The Sevier County Sheriffs Department has been helping to keep Sevier County roadways clean and beautiful, and it shows. Those traveling the county may have noticed on occasion jail inmates are utilized to pick trash along the local roadways, but you may not know the whole story.
The county service helped pick a total of 37,440 pounds of trash from our local roadways in April alone. Just stop and imagine for a moment . . . 37,440 pounds of trash on the sides of our county roads – that is a scary thought.
For the year July 1, 2001 to April 30, 2002 the county inmates and sheriffs department crew assisted in collecting nearly 363,000 pounds of trash that would have otherwise been blowing around or laying on the roadside.
These staggering numbers are almost incomprehensible. Could you imagine if the collectors were not out providing this service, what our beautiful county would look like?
The sheriff’s department and county inmates worked 2,012 miles of roadway in all portions of Sevier county in their effort to keep the streets clean.
While it is a great service the sheriff’s department provides by helping to keep the roads clean, it is now our turn.
Let us start cleaning up our own messes. The fine for throwing trash out of a vehicle is $500.00 plus community service time. If a perpetrator is observed to be littering by another person, they can report the vehicle involved in the littering. If the perpetrator is apprehended the person responsible for reporting the crime will receive part of the reward for the transgression.
Furthermore, the same offender can and usually are placed on the work crews to perform community service by cleaning up the trash throughout the county. Seymour residents need to start using the trashcan and stop littering on the roadways.
We have a beautiful community, lets keep it that way.

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