On May 6, 2002 Adam Nathaniel Stevenson enlisted in the US Navy with the goal of becoming a Navy Seal. A recent graduate of Seymour High School (2001), he has achieved much already. Having played football for the Eagles since arriving in Seymour, he has been a member of the team to have no losses in 1997 (8th grade). His team also had an amazing 2000 season.
He worked as a lifeguard at the Pigeon Forge Community Center last July where he become one of the first lifeguards certified to teach swimming lessons. Soon after, Stevenson joined the swim team to improve his strength.
Since joining the Navy Stevenson has accomplished some pretty impressive goals. He was first in the Seal pre-test swim, a swim that is very difficult. His division (Div. 249), are known as the Prodigy Freaks because of their excellent standing in all boot camp training exercises.
Stevenson is no stranger to naval life. His father, a retired Senior Chief Petty Officer administered the naval oath to him during the enlistment ceremony. Also present at the ceremony were his mother Denise, sisters Amanda and Courtney, Grandparents Marion and Betty and friend Shandan Notgrass.
After finishing Boot Camp he will begin training in Corpman School for 13 weeks. He is expected to return home in mid-November, where he will do some hometown recruiting, before heading to Coronado, CA for Seal’s training.
Mom Denise couldn’t be more proud of her son, “I want him to do something where he can excel. I know that Adam will be a great Seal. It is good to see young people serve their country! Patriotism and respect for this country and the men and women who serve it should be encouraged!”

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