In another race night that featured some down-to-the-wire driving at 411 Raceway, the driver’s in the nine different classes were trying to move up on the leader board with the midseason points runoff this coming week.
The Pro-Challenge was up first and on the first lap, #4 Tom Stinnett received the worst end of the first wreck of the night, which sent him to the pits. Nancy Hardwick and #18 Mark Dyer fought it out the whole way, but in the end Hardwick took the win by a half of a car length over the second place car.
The Chargers are a fun group to watch and an easy way to start racing, normally if you do the car yourself its less then $600 and if you find one, w/ roll cage it’s usually around $800 to $1000.
#3b Brad Seagle started back in the seventh spot and made his way up through the pack quickly and took over the lead. Seagle didn’t have much competition this week after #43 Stacey Castle went off the track due to mechanical problems. After 20 laps it was Seagle in first, Linton Perry in second and third went to #32 Travis Sands.
Tim Glass Started the Street Stock Feature in last place, but picked off one spot at a time and moved right up to the front, where he had a rough time getting around #22 Scott Robinson. Glass made it up to the front and stayed there to the end. This was Glass’ fourth win of the season, #22 Scott Robinson was second and #3 Alton Satterfield finished third.
Gillespie Motorsports thought they had first and second place locked up in the Legends feature, until #17 Shane Roberts, and #99 Jeff Jordan came into their
rear view mirror. Darrell Gillespie was running hard in first and right behind him was Greg Turner, both of Gillespie Motorsports. Then Turner saw the man who has won four feature races and placed second just as many times. Roberts and Jordan, who has only been to 411 twice, but has shown that he is strong competition. The two were battling side by side for third and then all of the sudden, both made their way around Turner, and both had there eyes on Gillespie. Roberts pulled in front of Jordan, but by this time, the race had two laps to go and no one had a chance to catch Gillespie, who went on to take his 1st win of the season. Roberts finished second, Jordan third, and Turner fourth. The Classic car feature was filled with excitement as always, with all the cars that are normally up front add the #7 Bart Baxter, who is back for his third race this year and #28 Fred McArthur. McArthur has been at 411 all season but has been pretty quiet until tonight. Fred jumped out to the lead but with the likes of Gary Kelley who has been known to pull off a last minute win, Baxter who dominated the track two years ago and some of last year, #83 Brett Baer who fought it out to the very last race for the points championship last season, put them all together in a pack and you have a very combustible situation. Tonight though was McArthur’s night the fight stayed behind him, no one could get around him. McArthur could feel them bumping but no one could pass. McArthur crossed the line in first, taking his first win of the season. Second place went to Kelley and third was Baxter.
Steve Owens Jr. started the Modified Mini Race in first and stayed until #9 Jason Henry made his way to the front, ducked under Owens and took the lead away. Owens tried to regain the lead, but just could not get past Henry. Henry went on to take his seventh win of the season, behind him #17 Steve Owens Jr. and #41 Brian Berkley.
The 4-Cyl Late Model Feature was a very tight race from the start. Todd Pierce and Randy Ogle went out very early in this race, which left the field wide open. Jason Carter got the lead but he had everyone else packed in behind him. Sammy Russell and David Flynn got tangled up on the front straight and both slammed into the turn one wall, sending both of Russell’s rear tires flying through the air. Neither driver was injured and Russell’s car had to be towed off with two tow trucks and very talented drivers. As the race resumed, Carter stayed out front but #98 Steve Ritchey was all over his bumper and as the laps clicked off, Ritchey made several attempts to pass but couldn’t. On Lap 24 the white flag fell and Ritchey got a burst of speed. They went side by side in turn one and out of turn two, Ritchey on the bottom and Carter on the top. They entered turn three side by side and as they came out of turn four, Carter got loose and spun down into the grass. Ritchey took his first win of the season in a finish he will never forget. Bill Howe was second and third went to Byron Ward.
In the Wedge Cars series, these guys are a great group of drivers who help each other out and are as friendly as they can be to each other off the track.
But on the track the only thing they have in common is the desire to WIN. They love to race and they all put everything they have into each and every race.
Scott Dyke took the lead right at the green Flag and then ran away with it. Sammy Morgan gave him a fight for a while, but then had car trouble and left the track. Jeremy Broome was trying to catch Dyke but had his own trouble out of Larry Sullivan. A little ways back was Larry Gibson, Scott King and Adam Beeler. All three were tight and not giving an inch to each other. This feature went caution free and in the end Dyke took the win. Not far behind were Jeremy Broome, Sullivan, and then Gibson and rounding out the top five was King.

See you at the Races!!!

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