By Alan Ruttencutter
If you missed the Races this weekend at 411 Raceway, then you missed some great racing and some new winners! The afternoon rain showers didn’t dampen the
races and after a little shower, the sun came out, the track dried and off to racing we went.
First up came the Baby Grands. Number eight Dale Wilson took the lead for a few laps until Clifford Pugh came out from behind him from second and took lead. Number 33 Clifford Pugh took the win, with #8 Dale Wilson in second, #6 Tony Cox in third, #55 Ron Belcher took fourth.
In the Pro Challenge Race, there was #18 Mark Dyer, who took the lead from the beginning, but had #5 Marty Arender to tend with. Arender came in from fourth to second place within only a few laps. It stayed tight throughout the whole race with #18 Mark Dyer taking the win, #5 Mary Arender coming in second, #4 Tom Stinnett coming in third and #33 GaryBerrier coming in fourth. The Super Street Stock Race was exciting as well. The Green flag came out and #22 Scott Robinson hit the wall in front of the fans. Robinson was okay, his car was a little mangled, but he came back out to race. Laps passed with #13 Shay Loveday in the lead and #11 Tim Glass right on his tail. #13 Shay Loveday took his first ever win with #11 Tim Glass coming in second, #83 Leander McCarter finished in third and #24 Larry Hurst ended up in fourth place.
The Chargers came out to race next. After a couple of bad start-ups, they finally got down to racing. Brad Seagle, in 3B cars, had to start in the rear because of his three previous wins. He came all the way up from the back and still took the win. Linton Perry, in the #1 car, came in second, #20 Angie Long finished third and #Travis Sands came in fourth.
The Legends Race went fairly smooth. There were only a couple of caution flags but the cars immediately went back to racing. Shane Roberts, in the #17 car, took the win, #19 Janice Humble finished in second, #64 Greg Turner came in third and #46 Darrell Gillespie came in fourth.
Everyone thought the Classic Race was going to go all the way through with no yellow flags until Lap 16 when #1 Josh Ferguson apparently blew up his motor. Ferguson was okay, but he will be busy this week getting his car ready for racing again. It was a rough start on the green, but in the end #18 Gary Kelley took the win again this week. Marvin Carter, in the #3 car, came in second, #83 Brett Baer finished third and #33 Brian Ball came in fourth.
If you like slipping and sliding and bumping and grinding, then you would have liked the Modified Mini Race this evening! And what a race it was. At the start of the first lap, #29 Raymond Shular spun around facing the wrong way with all cars headed straight for him. What a feeling that must be! But with some expert racing techniques from his fellow racers, no one hit him. They started off again with the green and #44 John Byers rammed head on into the turn two wall. Byers was okay, but they towed off his car. Another driver that will be working on his car this week. They slipped and slid all throughout the end, resulting in #19 Bobby Northern taking the win, #17 Steve Owens in second, #T7 Danny Tullock in third and #8 Rick Shepard in fourth. With the Four-Cylinder Late Models, you didn’t know who was going to win for awhile. Places were trading back and forth. It ran straight through without a caution flag. #98 Steve Ritchey took another win, with #24 Todd Pierce in second, #21 Bill Howe in third and #46 Bobby Morgan in fourth. This coming weekend August 24th, we do not have any races at 411 Raceway and I am sure that there are a few drivers that are happy about having some extra time to work on some cars. Namely, shall we say maybe Scott King? If you missed this race, you really missed some excitement again. In Lap one, there was a three-car pile up that involved, Scott King, in the #22 car, #24 Larry Sullivan and #41 Scott Green. All three cars rammed into each other and then the wall in turn-three. Everyone was okay; Scott King was looked at by the Seymour Fire Department Volunteers, and was okay. When all cars were taken off, #24 Larry Sullivan and #41 Scott Green were able to come back on the track. Back on track and back to racing. The first time winner was #66 Frank Emel . Number eight Adam Beeler took second, #24 Larry Sullivan finished in third and #83 Larry Gibson took fourth. A reminder-No racing this weekend August 24th. Next race date is scheduled for August 31st. See you all in two weeks! If you want more information on your favorite Drivers and/or the track and to see some winning
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