An excerpt from Kovels on Antiques and Collectibles, January 1999
Old toy candy containers are small in size, but may be big in price. At an Old Barn Candy Container Auction in Findlay, Ohio, prices ranged from as little as $5.50 for a glass Hound Pup, with paper and metal cap, to an astounding $4,125 for a tin and glass Flossie Fisher’s bed.
Flossie Fisher furniture containers are among the most rare and desirable. Flossie Fisher was a fictional little girl who appeared in “Flossie Fisher Funnies” in the Ladies’ Home Journal. The funnies were drawn in silhouette. In 1916, George Borgfeldt Co. introduced tin and glass Flossie Fisher furniture decorated with silhouetted scenes of Flossie and her animal friends. The auction offered nearly a complete set: the bed, $4,125; dresser, $2,475; chairs, $231 to $880; china closet, $935; table, $2,640. The rocking chair was the only piece missing.

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