Many area businesses are receiving phone calls from a calendar company asking them to buy an ad. Tennessee Graphics received a call last week from a woman stating she had been “authorized” by Seymour High School to sell large calendars for the football season and asked the company to purchase an expensive ad for sponsorship. Co-owner Michele Karl became curious and had a Seymour Herald staff writer check into the validity of the call.
After contacting Seymour High School Principal Bruce Wilson, it was discovered that indeed the call was a scam.
“We have not authorized any company to create a ‘fund raiser’ calendar for us,” said Wilson. “In fact we have groups within the school that do fund raisers and when they need donations they make the calls themselves.”
According to Wilson and Karl this isn’t the first time this scam has been run on business owners in Seymour.
“Please let everyone know that we are not having some company call to solicit funds for a calendar,” Wilson stated.
If you should happen to be contacted by the calendar scam people make sure to ask for a company name and number and then call the Better Business Bureau to report them.

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