Madonna is one of the most intriguing entertainers of the last two decades. Ever since she hit the scene wearing white lace, a painted on mole, and thick eyeliner, singing “Like a Virgin,” she has captivated audiences around the globe. For many she is already considered a legend. As with all legends comparisons, in the form of other musical artists, will arise. When taking a look at the current music scene, several artists stand out as being Madonna “like” in appearance and music.
Madonna set the pace for music in the 80’s. In her song “Papa Don’t Preach,” she sings about getting pregnant and keeping her baby. She wore her underwear on the outside and several of her videos sparked just as much controversy as Eminem’s can today. In her “Just Like a Prayer” video she burned crosses and it made the national news.
The last five years a different Madonna has emerged. She is settled and calm. She raises children instead of chaos. Now, she performs in London theater instead of racy music videos. With the “great entertainer” settling down music critics are looking for a new Madonna. Two years ago, Britney Spears was constantly being compared to Madonna. The only similarity to Madonna Britney Spears has is the fact that she wears racy clothing. Spears’ music is pop bubblegum, which spews boy meets girl lyrics that are anything but new. Her videos? Two years ago, Spears’ videos weren’t that racy. Lately they have been a little more adult but it still doesn’t make her Madonna “like”.
Gwen Stefani, front woman for the band “No Doubt,” could certainly be considered Madonna “like”.
Stefani set a standard for the music industry by introducing Ska (a combination of Reggae, big band, and rock) music into our culture. “No Doubt’s” Ska sound was a first for our culture, and music lovers ate the stuff up. Stefani and brother Eric were the brainchildren behind “No Doubt.” However, it was Stefani’s move to lead singer, which put the group on the map. Stefani’s lyrics on the “Tragic Kingdom” album combined with the Ska sound only added to the electric personality of Gwen Stefani. She dresses in outlandish costumes, which have sparked fashion trends throughout teen culture. Henna tattoos and Indianesque makeup were reintroduced, and considered cool, because of Stefani. With the fading of Ska the band has changed their sound to stay updated with growing trends, Madonna constantly updates her sound in order to stay current. However, Stefani is more eccentric than controversial, more rocker than pop, more star material than legend.
In my opinion I would say that the artist most Madonna “like” would have to be Pink. She wears crazy outfits, which in turn, have introduced punk culture back into the mainstream. Bright Pink hair and ripped up clothing are also some of the standards she is setting. Her first album “Can’t Take Me Home” was set with pop dance music. Her latest album, “Mizundastood,” is considered the breakthrough. While the first album did well, Pink wanted a different sound for her sophomore return. She joined forces with Linda Perry, lead singer for the early 90’s band “Four Non Blondes, “and created a pop/rock sound that has been embraced by fans. Pink’s sound change is keeping fans on their toes. She is proving, just like Madonna has, that she isn’t going to become static by constantly recreating the same sound. She is a woman of invention, as is Madonna.
Still, Pink could never be the new Madonna. The fact of the matter is Madonna is a legend and comparisons can only come close, never replace. She is a music icon that still continues to fascinate people all over the world. Who is the next material girl? The answer is no one. She is a woman of firsts and duplicating those firsts does not create legends.

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