Open faith church, which had its early beginnings at Smoky Crossing Apartments in June of this year and has already out-grown their facilities, recently signed a lease to move into the Seymour Business Park.
Lisa and Anthony Wright, both ministers and graduates of Rhema Bible College in Tulsa Oklahoma in 2002, are the genesis of this congregation.
The church already has about 60 members and are eager to expand. “It’s been word of month,” stated Lisa Wright. “We knew that’s what we were here to do. We came out with the intent to start a church, and God just led us to Seymour.
“We had come here to visit a friend for Christmas and while here we sensed that the Lord was leading us to this area. We were still in school and didn’t really want to go back to Tennessee since we’ve lived here all our lives and thought God would send us somewhere besides Tennessee. We said we’d never go back to Tennessee and Lo and Behold here we are,” exclaimed Lisa Wright.
Wright said, “When you venture out to minister, God can lead you anywhere. Coming from Cookeville we just never expected to be back in our own backyard.”
According to Wright, they have a huge vision for this community. They have seen a lot happen in the short time they have been here. “We’ve seen marriages restored, salvations, and we have had water baptisms and that’s just the beginning,” stated Wright. We see a search that is reaching out to the homeless, the hopeful, the hurting and the hungry. We want people to achieve their god given destiny.”
The excitement generated by the couple is self evident, according to a member. Services are Sunday at 10:30 a.m. at the Seymour Business Park at 500 Maryville Highway, Suite C, Seymour.

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