Is a darling look at teddy bears throughout times. The book tells of searching for something often lost along the way – the simple innocence of childhood remembered.
This year, 2002, marks the 100th anniversary of America’s most loved toy, the teddy bear. ‘In Search of Teddy’ explores the bond between teddy bears and their people. In the book’s opening chapters, the author’s store ‘Bears to Go’ serves as the backdrop for a series of touching and humorous true stories that not only provide a glimpse into the world of these faithful companions but the indomitable nature of the human spirit.
Beautifully photographed teddy bears and vintage photos make ‘In Search of Teddy’ an irresistible must-have for teddy bear enthusiasts or anyone who is looking for a book that fills your heart and soul with a big warm hug.
Tweed Roosevelt, the great-grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt, for whom the teddy bear was inspired said, “Like the very best of Steiff’s Teddy Bears, this book is warm and cuddly, should be held often and will be remembered fondly by all who come in contact with it.”
Filed with great poems and stories this is a great book for teddy bear lovers and non-teddy lovers alike. The book also provides stories from people around the world who appreciate the joy and beauty of a well-worn teddy bear and the simple innocence of childhood remembered. A history of teddy bears, profiles of several leading bear artists, and information on famous teddy bear literature are also featured along with 100 color photos. Available through Hobby House Press for $24.95. 160 pages · 6” x 9” · SKU: H5860. Call to order your copy at 1-800-554-1447.

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