Editors note: As the football season goes into its final two months, we are reminded how picky some of these pick panelists’ are. Bill Wright and Terry Smith informed me last week that I had made another mistake. Bill said that he actually picked Georgia instead of Auburn and Terry claims to have picked Fulton over Seymour. OK fellow’s, my bad.
I’ll give you your measly little point, but from now on, we’re going to raise the stakes a little on this thing. Starting this week, we will incorporate the point spread into the picks. No more picking just the favorites and going 10-0 (Sarah and Bill). If somebody goes 10-0 now it will truly be something to behold and that picker will get double points. So the rules are going to be modified to make things interesting. Anyone who picks eight games or more correctly will get double points. For instance, if Dusty Cantrell goes 9-1 this week, he will be awarded 18-points–that was just hypothetical Dusty so don’t get too excited. This should make the pick panel more entertaining as we head into the holidays and the college bowl season.
• Something is wrong with my E-mail or Amber’s E-mail because every time I send her picks they come right back to me. So, this week, former USA Today High School All-American tailback Jay Graham will pick Amber’s games. I’m sure Amber will be back with us next week so we won’t mess with her picture.
• All pushes are considered losses, of course.

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