It was a Rock-n-Roll kind of evening as Elvis fans along with about 20 Elvis look-a-likes converged on the Karaoke Café January 8th to celebrate Elvis’s birthday. The standing room only crowd watched as contestants as young as 11 sang, gyrated, and gave their best Elvis impersonation.
Elvis Allynn, winner of the overall division said he’s been impersonating Elvis all over the country for about eight years now. “It’s kind of hard to enter contests because if I lose, what does that say about what I do?” said Allynn. But enter he did and his act was good enough to take home the top honors.
One contestant, Gary Bigwood wore a white Elvis-styled outfit with blue rhinestones that he said his wife helped him make. This was his third year entering the contest. He brought along his twelve-year-old son Joshua who walked away the winner in the Best Child Performer category.
The event was sponsored by WIVK Radio and Kevin Miller emceed the show while on-air personality Colleen Addair watched along with the radio shows mascot Wivick the Frog. Miller and Addair did manage to sneak in a duel with the Karaoke while the judges made their decision.
The winners in each category were Early Years: Brian Reed; Movie Years: Terry Smith; Comeback Years: Marvin Seibers; Best Child Performer: Joshua Bigwood and the Overall winner: Elvis Allynn.
Winners received a set of CDs from the Karaoke Café and the Seymour Herald offered a life-sized poster of each of the winners in the various categories.
The overall winner also received a $100 courtesy of WIVK and an Elvis gold record with pictures of ‘The King.’

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