Exclusive to The Seymour Herald

Sevier County United Way Director Resigns
Community Relations Director Also Leaving

Sevier County United Way Executive Director Edwin Wright resigned his position on January 3, according to this year’s United Way Board Chairman, Jim Gilbraith.
“It was by mutual agreement and understanding to part ways,” Gilbraith said. “The board will meet January 16 to form a search committee to begin looking for a new Executive Director.
“The committee will begin the search and hopefully have a new director in place before the start of the 2003 campaign.”
Katie Powell Schoch, Director of Community Relations for Sevier County, said she is also leaving her position with the United Way, but “the two events are unrelated.” Schoch will begin her new employment as a catering and event planning representative for the Knoxville Marriott on January 27. 
“I have really enjoyed my position with United Way,” Schoch reflected, “but this was a really great opportunity that I couldn’t pass up.”

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