Thanks to spineless Democrats and other clueless liberals, the United States has allowed its plans to disarm Saddam’s Iraq to get bogged down in a senseless debate in the United Nations. While a quarter of a million brave Americans hunker down amidst sand storms and desert heat, the scene of action has shifted from the Middle East to the shores of New York’s East River, where the UN goes through an intricate diplomatic Kabuki dance, which, if allowed to continue, will go on forever.
How did we ever let ourselves get entangled in this absurd stalemate, seeking consensus where it is unobtainable in any matter of significance that happens to come within the purview of the world’s most ridiculous debating society? The majority of members agree on just one thing – a burning hatred of the U.S. whose hospitality they hugely enjoy and frequently abuse.
Blame it on the Congressional Democrats and their gutless liberal allies for pushing the Bush administration into the East River quagmire, as a price for their promised support, which never materialized once the matter of Iraq came before the befuddled delegates of the United Nations.
Instead the Democrats have used the mess created when we went to the UN at their urging to castigate the administration for an outcome which from the beginning was inevitable. Getting involved with that bunch is the equivalent of grabbing hold of a tar baby. You can never let go.
From the beginning, the outcome should have been obvious – the engine driving the administration’s determination to deal with Saddam once and for all after 12 long years of inaction would sputter and all but shut down.
We are the only ones who have the will, the know-how, the technology and the power to settle Saddam’s hash. What did the UN offer – nothing but endless and absurdly inane debates among a host of nations, many of which live in a permanent state of disarray and chaos – like Jerry Seinfeld’s fictional TV pilot, the UN is a show about nothing.
Just look at the record of this feckless conglomeration of nations united only in their jealousy of America’s might and prosperity. Korea is a great example. Had America been able to fight the war in Korea without the United Nations in charge, Korea would be one nation today. There would be no North Korean nuclear threat to worry about. Instead there would be a prosperous, free Korea. Thanks to the UN, however, today we have a divided Korea, one half free and prosperous, and the other half a slave state with a starving populace and nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them to the U.S. mainland.
The Democrats and liberals, all of whom worship at the altar of the UN, may in the end have brought about a result which is the last thing they want – the end of this obscene circus. As President Bush has warned the United Nations, if it fails to act and enforce its own frequently violated resolutions concerning an outlaw regime, it will have lost its only reason for existing.
In that case, there will no longer be any reason for continued U.S. membership, and without the United States, it will simply sink into the obscurity it deserves.
Mike Reagan, the eldest son of President Ronald Reagan, is heard on more than 200 talk radio stations nationally as part of the Premiere Radio Network.

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