Seymour Middle School held an annual banquet to commemorate the participants in the 2002-2003 athletic programs Friday night, March 14. The coach of each team spoke for the assembled crowd of around 200 attendees, and awarded a series of plaques and honors for the year’s standout athletes and cheerleaders for each sport.
The event was opened with a short statement from Principal Faye M. Nelson, and the invocation was given by Dr. Jan Moore before the eager crowd was urged to help themselves to a delicious buffet dinner catered by Buddy’s Pit Bar-B-Que.
After everyone had helped themselves to dinner, the keynote speaker, Matt Shular, a former Seymour athlete who now plays football at Carson-Newman took the stage to talk about the spirit of true athletics. The coaches then stood in the spotlight to honor the assembled athletes and cheerleaders for their commitment to the school’s athletic program and to their teams and themselves.
The Seymour Herald joins with Seymour Middle School in saluting the student-athletes from 2002-2003.

Student-athletes honored

Chad Prellinger: Head Coach
Rodney Helton: Assistant Coach
Chris McCarty: Assistant Coach
Rusty McCroskey: Assistant Coach
Brian Cook: Assistant Coach
D. J. Walker:
Matt Lynam
Todd Fink
Michael Mitchell
Daniel Cunningham
Ethan Kegley
Chase Marshall
Todd Ogle
Chris Brock
Duncan Smith
Ryan Williamson
Shawn McAward
Trey Thompson
Eric Montgomery
Michael Whitted
Derrick Lee
Justin Kirby
Drew Fox
Jessee Collins
Brandon Silvers
Chase Parrott
Dustin Braswell
Justin Head
Raymond Wagner
Tyler Gamble
Andrew Scruggs
Zach Pace
B. J. DeLozier
Barry Davis
Tyler Lucas
Steven Sutton
Brian King
Scott Jenkins
Richard Gilmore
Tim Cook
Patrick Milligan
David Caldwell
Blake Pickens
Jordan James
Michael Carpenter
Eric Gedenk
Josh Reppert
Sammy Gibson
Will Ledford
Ben Ogle
Josh Browning
Jesse Ogle

Boys Basketball:
Scott Norman: Head Coach
William Hayes: Assistant Coach
Sheri Haynes: Associate Coach
Logan Haynes: Manager
Matt McAward: Bookkeeper
Chase Parrott
Jeffrey Harmon
Derrick Lee
Ryan Williamson
J. C. Allen
Todd Ogle
Shawn McAward
Matt Lynam
Todd Fink
Branden Silvers
Raymond Wagner
Drew Fox
Duncan Smith
Kyle Koeneman
Chase Marshall

Girls Basketball
Denny Paul: Head Coach
Stacey Lindsey: Assistant Coach
Crystal Allen: Manager
Jennifer Suttles: Bookkeeper
Lauren Wright
Hailey Lindsey
Chastin Webb
Jennifer Wilson
Crystal Suttles
Katie Thomas
Keila McClain
Sara Cruise
LouAnna Smith
Brittany Scott
Kendra Brown
Hannah Rule
Holly Huskey
Christy Burchell
Bethany White

Phil Hamilton: Head Coach
Jennifer Suttles: Bookkeeper
Cassie Davis
Jessica Johnson
Tootie Long
Jade McCauley
Rachel Meredith
Tara Owens
Leah Parton
Hannah Rule
LouAnna Smith
Crystal Suttles
Amanda Thomas
Katie Thomas
Jennifer Wilson

Amy Quincy: Sponsor
Dr. Jan Moore: Assistant Sponsor
Adam Atchley
Kristen Clark
Kaley Cowan
Jessica Dingess
Cady Moore
Kara Walker
Morgan Williamson
Whitney Cantillo
Brooke Guffey
Chelsea Griffin
Anna Maples
Alex Minter
Samantha Vandergriff

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