Ron French of Seymour Sewer Inc. is seen in the above photo.

Approximately eleven individuals with a common interest of property ownership along Chapman Highway have finally committed $150,000.00 and awarded a contract for sewer line installation.
The contract was awarded by Seymour Sewer Inc., a local corporation created to combine the efforts of the property owners in order to disperse the construction cost equally among the members.
The sewer project is scheduled to begin this week and last six to ten weeks, according to Ron French. The undertaking is between Macon Lane and the Gap of the Mountain on the west side of Chapman Highway. “They may have to close down the west side lane near the shoulder during parts of the construction,” stated French.
Bill Wright of B & L Realty & Associates Inc. was awarded the contract to perform the work of installing a 4” to 6” pressure line along Chapman Highway.
Anyone tying into the sewer line after completion would pay a pro-rated cost amounting to the same cost as the original participants plus one percent. At the present time, the cost is $13,500.00.
If a property owner wishes to participate prior to completion, the cost to that participant and all existing members would decrease according to the total project cost divided by the number of members. The more members, the less it costs.
For further information on the plan, you can contact Ron or Gail French at 865-573-3511.

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