Tennesseans with questions about private wells or well water can find answers through a new hotline operated by the Water Systems Council, said George Smith, a professor of resource development with the University of Tennessee Agricultural Extension Service.
The Wellcare hotline at (888) 395-1033 provides private well owners, community leaders, and others important information about how to properly design, install, operate and maintain well-based water systems. Wellcare stresses the importance of proper well construction, regular testing and good maintenance to ensure safe drinking water.
In addition to reaching the hotline by phone, anyone with questions about wells can access the hotline through the Internet at www.wellcarehotline.org or www.watersystemscouncil.org. The website also offers fact sheets on many topics and links to other sources of information.
The hotline is funded in part by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA has operated their Safe Drinking Water Hotline for several years and has received as many as 300 calls a month related to private wells. These calls will now be referred to the Wellcare hotline.
The Water Systems Council, a national organization focusing on well systems not regulated under the Safe Drinking Water Act, operates the hotline. Their offices are located in Washington D.C.

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