Angela Lindsey wanted to do something for the troops overseas. Her brother-in-law, First Sergeant Mark Lindsey, is stationed in Kuwait, and Lindsey along with Ms. Burnette’s first-grade class wanted to help.
“The kids collected food for the soldiers and they each made a card,” said Lindsey. The parents were very supportive sending in items such as handy wipes, snacks, lip balm and other items they just can’t get in Kuwait. “It’s so miserable for them” said Ms. Burnette. “It’s so hot and they can’t take showers so the handy wipes work for them to cool and clean themselves off with.”
Lindsey’s brother-in-law told her of one story. “The men were so hot and it started raining so one of the men took off his clothes so he could get all wet since they can’t shower. Then a big gust of wind came up and he was covered in sand. He had to put his clothes back on with all the sand on him.” The handy wipes would have come in very handy in that case.
In addition to the goodies collected each student made a card to send over with the care package. “The kids didn’t put his name of it so he could pass them around and share them with the other soldiers in his troop,” said Lindsey.
Lindsey says she plans on sending the package out shortly. “I’ve been told that since my name is Lindsey and his name is Lindsey it will get to him. They are only delivering packages that are coming from family members.”
The package will no doubt bring a smile to the men overseas. “We’re thinking about them,” said Lindsey.

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