Getting married is something that most people at least attempt once in their lives. What’s amazing is that so many of them choose to do it here in Sevier County.
Joe Keener, Sevier County Clerk, says that 20,153 marriage licenses were issued in the county last year. In addition, as any license issued in Tennessee is good across the state for thirty days, the county is host annually to another 20,000 couples who get their licenses from surrounding counties and are wed here. With over forty thousand nuptials celebrated each year, this area has become one of the top two wedding destinations in the United States, second only to Las Vegas.
What makes Sevier County such a popular wedding destination? Many say it is the romantic nature of the Smoky Mountains, with rustic hills and gentle fogs lifting in the morning sun, brilliant deep green foliage in the spring and summer and vivid sanguine colors in the fall months, and the comfortable and easygoing charm of the people who live and work here that keep the county high on the lists of brides and grooms who desire something special in the way of nuptial ambience.
“You’ve got half the population of the U.S. that can drive here in one day. The Great Smoky Mountains are a big draw,” Keener told The Herald. “When people come here they can relax, instead of dealing with the hustle and bustle. Also, there’s no waiting period – it can be done here in one day.”
With over one hundred wedding chapels and churches in the area, there are plenty of ceremonies to go around. And there’s no shortage of caterers, limousine services, formal wear providers, bakeries, hair and nail salons, jewelry and accessory stores, and rental hall space to compliment them.
In fact, no matter what sort of wedding you desire, chances are that it’s available here, from the gigantic, full-blown fete to the cozy quiet gathering of a few close friends and family.
Lots of people look forward to their wedding day as an important turning point in their lives, and they want it to be as extra-special as it can be.
And every year, thousands of people find that experience, right here in Sevier County.

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