The Sevierville Water System (SWS) recently received the national “Directors Award of Recognition” from the Partnership for Safe Water. SWS received the award after successfully completing the “Self-Assessment and Peer Review” phase of the Partnership program, which requires identification of factors that limit treatment plant performance.
“One of our most important goals,” said Steve Flynn, SWS Director, “is to continue improving water quality for our customers. By successfully completing this phase of the Partnership program, we have taken a large step towards achieving this goal.”
Less than one percent of the utilities in the United States receive this award.
Partnership for Safe Water is a national volunteer initiative developed by the EPA and other water organizations representing water suppliers who strive to provide their communities with drinking water that surpasses the required federal standards. Member utilities, such as SWS, undergo a rigorous review developed by national experts that includes a four-phased self-assessment and peer review process.

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