Trash talk dominates committee meeting

The Sevier County Commission’s Government Operations Committee had a night of trash talk at their meeting last week. There were no he-man insults thrown across the room; the majority of the meeting time was spent talking trash policy with County Mayor Larry Waters and County Solid Waste Director Jack Waters.
The first issue up was an idea from Jack Waters for limiting the usage in the county convenience centers, where residents bring garbage to the dumpsters. The county Solid Waste Director suggested that the committee recommend a resolution to the full commission that would limit usage of the centers to Sevier County residents only. Surrounding counties already use a similar policy based off license plates.
Commissioners discussed the difficulties of implementing such a system, Greg Patterson (R-4th) pointed out that many of the state specialty plates do not have identifying county stickers. “I have two cars and one has Friends of the Smokies and the other one has a UT plate. There isn’t even a space to place a county sticker on that plate,” said Patterson. Ideas for cards or window stickers to cover such situations were discussed. “There’s no foolproof way to do it,” said Jack Waters.
It was agreed to turn the idea over to County Attorney Jerry McCarter for a recommendation of what the commission could authorize and what logistics other counties are using on these matters.
The commissioners then moved on to discussion of the Mayor’s new couch incident. Commissioner Tim Hurst (R-7th) related that he had been approached by several contractors who pointed out that they would be fined for dumping on county property. Hurst questioned Mayor Larry Waters about the outcome of the incident involving trash left in his parking space. “Generally we’d send a notice and give them a chance to pick it up; if we knew who did it and if they didn’t pick it up, we’d fine them,” said the Mayor. “In this case we didn’t know who had done it until after it had been removed.”
Fred Atchley (R-5th) informed the committee that the detective in question had received a three-day suspension from the Sevierville Police Department.
The trash talk then turned to the matter of full convenience centers, which had prompted the incident. Mayor Waters, who sits as one of the five members on the board of Sevier Solid Waste, Inc, reported that the landfill closed on Saturdays during the winter because of the small number of residential vehicles who used the facility on those Saturdays. There was no report mentioned on how much trash the cities and county used to dump on Saturdays in the winter.

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