Students across the county participated in the Sevier County 4-H Essay Contest with a topic of “Breaking the Litter Cycle.” Nearly 2,000 entries were received in the 4-H contest sponsored by Keep Sevier Beautiful. The contest was divided into grade level competitions. The five overall winners each received a savings bond from KSB. The organization also sponsored the prize ribbons and cash awards for grade winners.
Caton’s Chapel 4th grader Julia Ferguson suggested in her essay that breaking the cycle starts at home. She went on to note the current issue among lawmakers regarding vehicles carrying trash without tie downs to prevent blowing garbage. Ferguson was the youngest of the overall winners.
The fifth grade overall winner was Ashlyn Whaley of Sevier-ville Inter-mediate. Whaley did some detailed research for her essay, which focused on promoting anti-litter campaigns as part of driver’s education. Her reasoning was research that “males between the ages of 16-30 do most of the littering along roadsides.”
Nikki Partridge’s essay took her back in time and noticed how many everyday items of her great grandmothers weren’t disposable for convenience as they are now. Her imaginary meal with great-grandma had no plastic forks, paper plates, cups, or napkins. Partridge, a sixth grader at Sevierville Middle was another overall essay winner.
Courtney Julian from Seymour Middle won the seventh and eighth grade overall award for her essay. The seventh grader covered several points very precisely including discounting tourist as the source of Sevier County littering and promoting the reduce, reuse and recycle methods.
4-H Opportunities are available to all 4th – 12th grade young people in Sevier County regardless of race, color, national origin, sex or disability.

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