It is easy to see that the agricultural industry is in transition. Producers are looking for viable production and marketing alternatives that will allow them to maintain their livelihood without selling the farm.
To support producers and businesses that depend on them, the Greene County Partnership, in cooperation with the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture, with major financial support from WCYB-TV, Tennessee Ag-Tag, John Deere and Tennessee Farm Bureau, is planning a two day educational event and trade show for June 18 -19 at the Greene County Fairgrounds and the University of Tennessee Agricultural Experiment Station in Greeneville, Tennessee.
The Southeastern Expo will examine the changing world of agricultural marketing and production. The focus will be new opportunities for agricultural business in the 21st century, but the show will also be devoted to topics of interest to hobby farmers and homeowners. Admission will be free.
Organizers plan to attract people from a 250-mile radius surrounding Greene County.
Commodities and enterprises to be emphasized include forages, beef, horses, goats, tobacco, fruits and vegetables, turf and landscaping, agri-tourism, wildlife, forestry, aquaculture, specialty crops and a computer lab on internet marketing.
Although at its heart the event will emphasize the business of agriculture, homeowners and hobby farmers will find numerous exhibits and programs targeted for their interests.
Several attractions are also planned to entertain the general public. Draft animals and antique tractors will be on display, and will be demonstrated along with modern equipment in a hay making demonstration area. The Expo also plans to feature a discovery center for kids and a pest and plant diagnostic center. A separate, charged admission tractor pull will follow the conclusion of the Expo on Saturday night, June 19.The Greene County Fairgrounds will be the headquarters for the Expo, with shuttle buses running to the Experiment Station.
Opportunities still exist for producers and industry representatives to participate as exhibitors or corporate sponsors. More importantly is the opportunity for everyone to participate in the Expo June 18 -19. For more information about the Expo, contact Lori Collins at the Greene County Partnership at 423-638-4111 or via email at [email protected] You may also visit the Expo Web site:

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