Dale Gibson took the top honors in afternoon time trials for the Strange’s Custom Auto Super Late Models, setting the standard at 12.699 seconds around the hot, slick raceway. Gibson was the first in line to qualify, being able then to sit back and watch as each of the remaining fourteen cars attempted to knock him from the top spot, each to no avail. Gibson seemed to have luck on his side, he rolled the inversion die and the result was the lightning bolt, indicating the field would start as they had qualified, there would be no inversion.
Webb was scored as the leader for the initial two circuits, then Gibson slipped past him during lap three bringing Jeff Myers with him, dropping Webb into third with Pat Brewer and Ed Surrett in the fourth and fifth positions.
The most noteworthy crash of the event happened during lap 34. As the lead car of Myers was working his way through turns three and four, the Ford Taurus piloted by Ronnie Romines was apparently slowing to enter the pit area, Myers ran up on him quickly and didn’t have time to dodge. Myers crashed into the rear end of Romines’ car, resulting in significant damage to both cars. Romines was forced to park for the remainder of the race, Myers entered the pit area to the attention of his crew and was returned to the raceway. Gibson inherited the lead with Webb second, Brewer, Surrett and David Flynn filling the top five positions on the leader board.
While working lap 79, Myers lost control of his Chevrolet Monte Carlo and spun on his own in the center of turn four. Jason McMahan, Wayne Webb and David Flynn all spun to avoid a major crash. Webb received the worst damage, crunching the front end of his Monte Carlo, forcing him to remain in the pit area for the evening. Myers, McMahan and Flynn were all able to continue.
Again, green flag racing resumed and two circuits later, Barry Lowe’s Dodge was spinning down the backstretch, requiring yet another caution period. The cars were realigned and racing was again underway.
As the field was working lap 83, the east Tennessee skies held out no longer, the rain came and the event was ended with Rusty Webb in the lead, and Gibson, Brewer, Surrett and Houser holding the top five positions.
Sonny Leatherwood adds another win to his list of accomplishments in the Danny Tracy Pure Stock division. Knight, Ricker, Masters and Mull rounded out the top five.
Adam Roberson picked up the win in the 10-lap, double points Legends trophy dash. Janice Humble and Bill Muncey were the remainder of the three racers.
Drew Bagwell earned his first Grand National Mini win, grabbing the lead from Jason Whitehead on the last lap and holding off challenges made by Jacob Norton and Whitehead at the line. David Duncan and Larry Peek rounded out the top five.
All other events were cancelled for the evening due to rain.

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